W4 Alliance

Security Resources

Firearms and Security Paraphernalia

All our highly skilled officers are equipped with licensed firearms, such as revolvers or shotguns. Two-way radios are also provided for officers assigned to a wide area of responsibility. They will be equipped with additional gear such as metal detectors, flashlights, handcuffs, batons, and reflectorized vests, as needed and according to the nature of the establishment to be placed under their protection. In some instances, protective outfits and headgears are also supplied to officers.


W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. will determine the uniform best suited to the officers’ post, but clients will still have the final approval. Our existing officers don traditional Barongs, or a crisp white polo shirt paired with navy slacks. Regardless of the style of their uniform, all our officers are required to wear a proper identification card or name plate.


W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. is well equipped with vehicles, which are prepared for immediate response to each client’s calls, meetings, monitoring, inspections and VIP escort services, should the need arise.


We at W4 ASAI look forward to hearing from you and to building mutual trust, safety, and prosperity with you and our valued clientele.