W4 Alliance

Quality Control

Regular Inspection and Assessment

Clients can rest assured that W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. Security officers are inspected and assessed regularly by the Agency’s Operations Staff to maintain on their alertness and efficiency, as well as to make sure they observe proper conduct at all times. Inspections are done at random, as dictated by the Agency to accurately assess and evaluate the performance of our security guards at any given time.

Command Conference

To ensure that we remain true to our mission of delivering quality and customized security services, W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. holds regular Command Conferences attended by Operations as well as Administrative Officers and staff.

Through these conferences, our agency is able to keep abreast with the latest procedures and strategies in security, to be implemented in the most effective way. The agency equips all security guards with the knowledge and skills who can handle every situation and accomplish tasks in a superior way.

Client’s Management Meeting

Officers or staff members of W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. can attend company, management, or technical meetings, should the client require it. Our agency believes that your needs are as unique as your personal and professional goals and objectives.

Each security guard knows they must understand these goals and objectives in order to best assist in fulfilling them. This knowledge will also guide our agency in crafting and updating security programs and strategies over the course of our partnership

Client's Periodic Evaluation

Clients and establishments are encouraged to evaluate the services of our security guards in order to further strengthen our performance as an agency, as well as to improve where needed.

Guards Counselling Services

Aside from training and equipping our security guards, W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. is responsible for educating and counselling them in order to maintain a professional and harmonious environment, setting aside differences and working through conflicts, in order to provide the best quality of security services possible. Any officer that becomes involved in any unfavorable incident will undergo counselling.

All of our officers do their part in molding and maintaining the proper behavior and attitude of our guards.

Twenty-Four Hours Operation

Our Security Operations Division Officers and Staff operate twenty-four (24) hours every day, including Sundays and Holidays. We have made sure that we can be reached at any time on any day in order to best serve all your security needs anywhere in Metro Manila or Luzon.


We at W4 ASAI look forward to hearing from you and to building mutual trust, safety, and prosperity with you and our valued clientele.